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Welcome to 590LMT: Learning with Mobile Technologies
Educational Psychology 590LMT: Learning with Mobile Technologies is designed to engage students in all disciplines to critically thinking of how mobile technologies  impact learning and learning impacts learning environments.  We all have come to recognize the proliferation of handheld learning devices in our daily lives and a steady, albeit slow, increase of them utilized as instructional and learning tools, but as educators we need to understand both the strengthens and challenges of mobile learning in order to advocate for pedagogy and resources necessary to meaningfully support it.  In practice, this means students will collectively and individually explore a number of example of mobile learning, tools/technologies that support mobile learning, design a mobile app that can enhance a context specific learning environment, read widely from a number of traditional and non-traditional sources, and create their own community of practice around this topic.  Course conversations will be framed around Daniel Willingham’s book, Why Students Don’t like School (2009), which examines the human mind and will allow us to see how the introduction of mobile devices may alter how we need to teach, learn, design, and engage in learning environments.
What will the course be like?
As a graduate seminar, this course is designed to support the interests and motivations of the graduate students who participate as they relate to the meaningful integration of mobile devices and resources into learning environments.  Students will be ask to engage fully in both synchronous and asynchronous conversations and to lead course discussions based on their area of discipline.  Students will also be expected to host and post to their own blog. We will be exploring mobile technologies of the week / month to consider how they may enhance learning, research and teaching.
Students will be asked to complete three main projects:
1. Exploration: each study will need to develop a mini-case study that explores the use of a mobile resource/device to support learning
2. Advocacy: each student will need to create a digital media enriched advocacy paper for the use of a mobile device and/or the integration of mobile learning in a formal or informal learning context.
3. Design: student will collaborate on the design of an education app
This class will meet approximately every other week face-to-face with communication via discussion boards and other social media resources on a weekly basis.   
Dr. Evangeline S. Pianfetti
t  217.244.7005
e  esecaras@illinois.edu  |  illiniesp@gmail.com
s  facebook.com/evangelinespianfetti| twitter: evangeline613
Course Meeting
Tuesdays from 9-12noon in Room 10 EducationCourse Credit
4 credit hoursCourse Website
http://learn.education.illinois.edu/Course Tag
#EPSY590LMTFa11 (use with Diigo/Delicious, Twitter, Blogs, etc)

Office Hours
Virtual Thursdays from 1-2:30 or face-to-face by appointment

Required Materials

  • Why Students Don’t Like School?  A cognitive scientist answers questions about how the mind works and what it means for your classroom
    • Purchase book online, bookstores, hard copy or ebook is fine.
  • Weekly readings and materials will be distributed as needed through the learning management system
  • Access to a computer with a microphone and a webcam/video camera.
  • Access to a mobile device such as a SmartPhone is recommended but not required.

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