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The Scholar Project

sponsors: Department of Educational Psychology, Ubiquitous Learning Institute & Mobile Learning Initiative
The Scholar Project: Recursive Research and Learning in an Evolving Online Writing Environment
Dr. Sarah McCarthey with Sonia Kline and Becca Woodward
Wednesday ~ October 26, 2011
11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Room 10 Education

Listen to Sonia Kline talk about their presentation:
(Read audio transcript)
OVERVIEW:  Since 2009 our team of professors (Bill Cope, Mary Kalantzis, Sarah McCarthey and others) along with doctoral students (Sonia Kline, Becca Woodard, and David Lundgren) in conjunction with Common Ground Publishers, have been working on developing a web-based environment (Scholar) that supports collaborative intelligence, metacognition, and formative assessment.  A focus of our work has been using the environment to encourage peer review in writing. In this session, we will not only demonstrate how feedback informs learning within the Scholar environment, but also describe several of our own research projects – investigating other online writing environments, reviewing response scholarship, examining peer-review comments, and collecting data from students and teachers – which have provided valuable feedback for the development of the Scholar writing environment.


Dr. McCarthey’s current focus is on the impact of professional development on teachers’ writing instruction. Funded by a Hardie Grant, Sarah and two graduate students collected data on 20 teachers’ writing instruction, philosophies of writing, and perceptions of professional development.  In her work investigating teachers’ attitudes towards writing and their writing instruction within policy contexts such as NCLB, she has identified trends in writing instruction including the implementation of writer’s workshop, genre-based instruction, and skills approaches.  Sarah is P. I. on the project “u-learn.net: An anywhere/anytime formative assessment and learning feedback environment” funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education, Small Business Innovation Research Program. This project corresponds with her work as a consultant on the Assess-As-you-Go Project with Bill Cope as P.I. The projects focus on innovation in assessment in writing as students engage in writing and peer review in technology environments.

Sonia Kline is a doctoral student in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Language and Literacy program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, specializing in Writing Studies. She is also a graduate research assistant working along side a multidisciplinary team to develop the Assess-As-You-Go Writing Assistant, aweb-based working environment for students. Prior to her work at the University of Illinois, Sonia taught K-8 children, and worked as a technology curriculum manager in schools in Canterbury, Budapest, and New York. Her research interests evolve from points where issues of literacy, learning, and technology converge.

Becca Woodward taught middle school English Language Arts for five years in New York City before returning to the University of Illinois as a doctoral candidate in Curriculum & Instruction (Language & Literacy) with a concentration in Writing Studies.  She is a graduate research assistant on the Assess-As-You-Go Writing Assistant team, and her primary research interests are in writing instruction and teachers’ practices and identities across settings.

Live stream:http://fss.education.illinois.edu/transformations/


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