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Data collection on iOS devices

Department of Educational Psychology, & Ubiquitous Learning Institute
Designing research in the palm of your hands: Data collection on iOS devices

Dr. Phil Rodkin and Mr. Ramin Karimpour

Wednesday ~ February 15, 2012 ~ 12:00(noon)-12:30 in Room 608 Psychology Building*

Please note the time change and the location change for this presentation.


In conjunction with the Social Development Consortium,  Dr. Rodkin and his lab will be giving a presentation titled “Preliminary Studies of Teaching Practices, Classroom Peer Ecologies, and Youth Outcomes”.  As part of these presentation, Ramin Karimpour will discuss their research efforts in which they are exploring the use of the iPad as a means to collect large volumes data and efficiently migrate the data to other applications for timely analysis.


Dr. Philip C. Rodkin is an associate professor of child development in the Departments of Educational Psychology and Psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He received his B.A. in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Chicago in 1988 and his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Harvard University in 1994. Prof. Rodkin’s research concerns children’s social relationships in elementary school classrooms and the importance of these relationships for adjustment outcomes such as aggression and academic achievement. His research explores phenomena such as the connection between being aggressive and being cool; how Euro- and African-American children get along with one another in diverse elementary classrooms; and the status dynamics of bullying and victimization between boys and girls in elementary school. Prof. Rodkin is currently funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (U.S. Department of Education) to examine factors that successful teachers naturally use to help create and maintain a healthy classroom peer ecology over the school year. One goal of this work is to understand the socialization and development of aggression, and to devise interventions that use children’s existing social relationships to reduce problem behavior and promote academic engagement in school.

 Ramin Karimpour, MS, Is a fifth-year doctoral student in the Department of Educational Psychology   at the University of Illinois. Ramin specializes in social-ecological bullying prevention programs,  with a particular interest in field implementation opportunities and challenges. Ramin has deep roots  as a minority educator, having served for seven years as a primary school teacher and secondary principal for the Tohono O’odham Nation of southwest Arizona.

For more information: http://education.illinois.edu/edpsy/transformations/


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