Evangeline S Pianfetti

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Design of GBL

Department of Educational Psychology, & Ubiquitous Learning Institute
Designing Game-Based Learning

Dr. David Huang

Audio Transcript


Thank you Dr. Pianfetti for the opportunity for ahhh the opportunity to include my research interest in the design of game based learning in the series.  So ahhh I plan to address the following topics during my presentation.  First of all is to explain what game-based learning is in terms of its definition and its ahh more ahh better received description depending on who you are talking to in the field.  The second part will be focusing on the discussion in terms of how games can actually afford ahhh effective learning processes across disciplines and also targeting different audiences.   And the third part ahhh we will move on to a more technical aspect of it if you will we will I will talk about the design aspect of game-based learning in terms of design models ahhh even a bit of information on the tools or software that are out there that we can use.  And finally, I think the most relevant part of the talk will be  how to evaluate the efficacy of game-based learning if you are trying to implement it into instructional practice whether in K16 environments or if you are trainers in corporate environments.  So those are basic topics that I plan to address but you never know I may have something new for you in the talk.


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