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iPads in Higher Education

Research and Teaching in the Digital Age
sponsored by: the Department of Educational Psychology,
the Ubiquitous Learning Institute & the Mobile Learning Initiative

Seminar #1:

iPads in Higher Education
Dr. Evangeline S Pianfetti, & Mr. Mike Miley
Join us in person: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 ~ Room 10 Education Building
11:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m.

Watch a live stream at: http://fss.education.illinois.edu/transformations/

Take a listen: Dr. Pianfetti talks about this seminar series and what it means to her as an educator

(read transcript)

Please join us and see how the iPad is making learning more engaging and accessible than ever. Today students are learning in more places than just the classroom, and educators are finding new ways to reach them anytime, anywhere. During this seminar, we will focus on how the iPad is beginning to change higher education. With numerous education applications, as well as strategies for textbooks, research and integration, the iPad is becoming a tremendous tool for 21st Century Learning. We will spend time talking about current uses of the iPads in higher education as well as learning about the Apps that are native to the iPad, and investigate some of the resources that are available on iTunes U. We will also look at some of the Apps that are available from 3rd Party developers that enhance teaching and learning in the classroom.

H. Michael Miley is a professional technologist currently working for Apple as a Senior Systems Engineer helping to drive sales in Apple’s Education Division and has a specialty in Digital Media topics as they relate to servers and storage. After more than eleven years with Apple, his current assignment is to assist Higher Education customers throughout Illinois, but has previously assisted K-12 schools throughout the midwest.In the past, Mike has worked in advertising including several years at Leo Burnett in Chicago as well as as Technology Director for a smaller agency in the suburbs. After college, Mike was lucky enough to work for Motorola in their Schaumburg IL headquarters. Mike is a commercial multi-engine pilot and has been flying for 23 years… 18 of which as an instructor.  Mike’s educational background includes a B.S. in Media Studies from University of Illinois’ College of Communications, a Professional Pilot certificate from University of Illinois’ Institute of Aviation, as well as an MBA with a Marketing specialty from Argosy University. Mike currently serves as an adjunct faculty member at both Columbia College and W. R. Harper College.Mike is proud of his family. He and his wife of 15 years have two terrific kids. You can often find the entire family and the dog going off on adventures in their RV.

Dr. Evangeline S Pianfetti is faculty within the Department of Educational Psychology at the College of Education at the University of Illinois.  Formerly, she was the Assistant Dean of Learning Technologies and the Director of the Office of Educational Technology (OET).  Her research interests include how technologies and digital media are changing the way we learn, how we learn, and where we learn.  Specifically, she looks at how mobile learning and devices impact learning spaces, delivery of content, and design of curriculum.  She has extensive experience in providing professional development to P12 educators and higher education faculty, and administering and innovating with online learning environments.  Evangeline is a Smithsonian Laureate for classroom innovation in technology.

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