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Transcripts for Audio

iPads in Higher Education – Seminar #1

I think the idea for this seminar series Transformations: Research and Teaching in the Digital Age is really timely because it gives faculty an opportunity to talk about what they’ve been doing, many of them for several years but now we can look at it from a different lens when now these emergent technologies and how they may impact what we do in our research and teaching and in our professional careers.  Ahhh for me, the use of mobile devices and how they impact learning spaces, learning environment and the thinking processes ahh is fascinating and I was pleased to be able to collaborate with my colleague and friend, Mike Miley from Apple Computers ahhh to talk about iPads in higher education to kind of give a perspective in which we look at how other institutions boht higher education and K12 are embracing this technology and looking at some of the advantages and challenges that they may bring.  But then also looking at the ahhh variety of apps and how we can really utilize the power of this device that can be both a creator of knowledge and a disseminator of that knowledge.  So I’m really looking forward to talking with the College of Education community, as well as the University of Illinois campus community and other educators from the surrounding areas and to really engage in a conversation as to how this particular device the iPad as it represents many kinds of tablet devices can really start adding a new dimension to our research practice and teaching applications.


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