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Mobile Apps for New Students

sponsors: Department of Educational Psychology, & Ubiquitous Learning Institute
Orientation in the palm of your hands: Using mobile apps and new student library orientation
Dr. James Hahn with Nathaniel Ryckman
Wednesday April 18th, 2012 ~ 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ~ Room 10 Education

Listen to Dr. Hahn talk about his presentation.

Transcript for audio.


 This talk will center on three projects currently underway in the undergraduate library that focus on new student support with mobile technology.  One is an iPad Use Study by first year students. Students from the Liberal Arts and Sciences borrowed an iPad for a week and then participated in focus groups discussing how they used the iPad for courses and what kinds of apps might be needed to help them.  During this presentation, prototype apps will be modeled that students thought might be useful for library services and campus wide.  The second study is a rapid use study of an app, Library Helper, which is similar to a library GPS that guides students to books in the library.  During the presentation, a discussion will be shared that talks about how to study apps, how to get feedback and improve apps that have been developed.  Additionally, some findings on how students approach library navigation and also some of the recommendations services that students thought would be useful in the stacks will be presented.  The third project that will be discussed is a modular app design, where each component part of the app is a module and it is sort of packaged in a way that we can extend or configure the functions in different schools.  This app was kind of designed to go to other schools and be implemented in other libraries, other school systems that have libraries and we will have one of our student programmers actually do some hands on showcasing how the various modules of an app work together to help students integrate library resources into their coursework (https://github.com/minrva).


Dr.  James Hahn is the Orientation Services and Environments Librarian, for the Undergraduate Library at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Jim’s day to day focus is on helping first-year and transfer students make the transition to university study; and to develop and evaluate prototype technologies that focus on enabling undergraduates to discover library resources and services that support learning and research, and to integrate them into their work. His research into technology-enhanced learning investigates developing mobile computing applications within library settings and provides unique insights into new student’s expectations and needs.

Nathaniel Ryckman is a student research programmer for the Undergraduate Library at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Nathaniel’s day to day focus is on integrating current technologies into tools to help develop mobile software prototypes.  His work investigates ways to overcome technical barriers to bring plans for prototypes into fruition.

 Live stream: http://fss.education.illinois.edu/transformations/

For more information: http://education.illinois.edu/edpsy/transformations/


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