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Social Networking in the Classroom

Department of Educational Psychology, & Ubiquitous Learning Institute
Social Networking and its Application in the Classroom
Dr. Mark Dressman and Mr. Chris Hidaka
Wednesday ~ December 7, 2011 ~ 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Room 10 Education Building


This seminar will look closely at the use of social media and its applications in the classroom, including specific uses in an undergraduate pre-service teacher education classroom. Uses range from informal interactions and tutoring sessions through Facebook to professional forums for teacher development and collaboration on Ning sites. Presentations will include guest speakers from classes in which this media is utilized and collaborating teachers from academic institutions outside of the United States. Discussion of technological integration into the classroom should also develop into possible pitfalls and ways of overcoming the inevitable technical difficulties in the social classroom.

Listen to Chris Hidaka talk about the seminar
Read the audio transcript.


 Dr. Mark Dressman research investigates the underlying cultural, philosophical, economic, and      historical assumptions that shape research and practice in the teaching of literacy across a wide range of textual modes. The goal of this research is to refine and improve current practice in language and literacy curriculum and teaching.

Currently, Mark is working on two projects. One is a study of the teaching of poetry in U.S. secondary schools from the early twentieth century to the present. The second and most recent study focuses on the development of transcultural approaches to teaching and learning that involve dialogue and authentic engagement with other cultures rather than simply learning about them.  Mark has a strong history of integrating emergent technologies in the courses he teaches and research projects he undertakes.

Mr. Chris Hidaka was a substitute teacher in the Chicago suburbs before returning to the University of Illinois as a Master’s Student in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction.  His research focus is on literacy and a reading endorsement.  Currently, Chris is a graduate assistant supporting the C&I 401 Community Experience Project in the English section and as a liaison between content methods classes.

Live stream: http://fss.education.illinois.edu/transformations/

For more information: http://education.illinois.edu/edpsy/transformations/


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